Rainy day training menu/3本ローラーの上にも3年、、、

As I do not have any fitness club membership nor treadmill, room runner type of machine… If it rains, I have no option to do any run training. (Unless running in the rain as I did today….)   However as far as the bike is concerned, I have been using a “Roller” which is the best value buy for me.  It was around $150 at Performance bicycle and it has been running more than 3 years without any trouble.  As you may already know that a Roller has a lot of benefit to improve your bike skills ……Only problem for me is hurting my sensitive body part because I can not change my saddle position during pedaling. (In case, you don’t know how a roller works, it requires you to keep pedaling otherwise you will fall down….) However finally today, (after 3 years training… ?)  I can start “Dancing” on the roller which drastically helps me to decrease the pressure……..
I am not sure if I can do such tricks in the video near future…..


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