LA Marathon 3.20.2011

LA Marathon is the only full marathon experience in my life….. Year 2008 was my first challenge  .   My legs died at 21 mile and could not run at last couple of miles.  At year 2009, I could somehow manage my first sub 4 which was very enjoyable memory…. This year 2010, I did not participate it as I prefered to focus on Ironman Oceanside which was just one week after the LA Marathon. Now I am wondering if I can ( or should ) try LA Marathon again next year….. even 2 weeks later I have an Ironman Oceanside again….

今年からコースが大幅に変更となったLA マラソン、来年は参戦しようかと、、、、、。半日でLAの市内観光ができるんですから、、、、

にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ ロサンゼルス情報へ

Survey is still open, Please give me your feedback if you have not done yet.


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