New Christmas Tree

My daughter and I were very excited when we bought a new Christmas tree before Thanksgiving this year ………see previous post.

After Thanksgiving, when we were decorating with ornaments, my daughter wanted to put a big star on the top of tree.  I was going to find “a step” for her to jump on to reach highest point (7 ft ).   However she could easily put it on without a step .  At this moment, she told me she won’t be higher than 7 ft but a new Christmas tree we just bought was short……

新しいクリスマスツリーの飾り付けの際、木の一番高いところ(7 ft  =213cm)に手が届いてしまった娘から既に不満の声が、、、もっと高いのが欲しかったと、、、

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